Murrays Marine Aquaseal Part# 21563101140
Chinook HEX Bolt Part# CS 99
Rubber washer for padding and compression against surfaces.
Fin Powerbox Adapter - Used for converting existing American "A", or European "E" box fins to the more popular Power Box system.
Dakine, Inc Power Clip Lock Buckle Part# 4200-790
Dakine, Inc Wai Wai Base Pad Part# 4200-600
Dakine, Inc Footstrap Supremo Part# 4300-105
Keeping the roller in good condition is essential to reducing harness line wear and keeping you on that sweet spot of the sail. The DaKine Roller Repair Kit replaces the roller for the DaKine Stainless steel roller bar. The kit includes screw, washer, and
Dakine, Inc Mast Pad Hd Part# 4200-300-24
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup.Standard size for most boards.
This tubing protects windsurfing rig harness lines from chafing or damage.
Hobie Bravo Furler Line Part# 90610121
Chinook Bolt 8mm x 35mm Hex Tool Part# 70
Chinook Tee-Shirt Short Sleeve - Med Part# CS 617MD
Brass Insert 6Mm Thread X 11Mm | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/4" Part# CS 227L
Chinook Rig Winch - Euro-PinThe answer to the problem of rigging sails with very high downhaul tension. Also allows children to rig their own sails without help from the parents. But be careful not to over-downhaul, it's that easy.
Gorge Sport U.S.A. Brass Barrel Nut 12mm 1/4-20 Part# 70-19-L


RE-DEKA quick and easy way to obtain permanent, professional-quality traction. Eight ounces of this extra gritty, ultra-clear, non-yellowing formula.Covers approximately 18 sq. ft. Dries in 2-3 hours.
Brass Insert - 6mmThe barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.
Chinook Volcano Toe-Jam Pad Part# CS 615
Chinook In-Flight Adjustable Harness LinesA simple but effective design for sailors requiring on the move adjustments. Heavy duty ladder-lock, line and tubing. Pre-adjustable with one side tie off.
Chinook Deviator Part# 550
Chinook 30" Fixed Harness Lines Part# CS 530