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Dakine, Inc Footstrap Proform Adjustable Part# 4300-300
Next Sport Vent Screw SS Philips w/ O-Ring Part# VENTPLUG
Monofilm Sail Repair Tape - 4 x 120 inches.If you need more than that, find yourself a loft… Or a new sail!
Chinook Tee Shirt - Short Sleeve Lg Part# CS 617LG
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/8" Part# CS 227S
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/4" Part# CS 227L
Murrays Marine Board Stak'Rz Pad Part# 41-3022

8mm Stud

Murrays Marine 8mm Stud Part# 19-2211
EASY RIGGDownhaul tool, halyard tensioner and shackle tool with metal teeth grip for 3/32 inch to 3/16 inch line diameters.Easy to grip and pull.
Footstrap Washer with TeethAn oval stainless steel washer with teeth to keep your footstrap from twisting during hard sailing.Priced each.
Brass Insert - 6mmThe barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.
Chinook 30" Fixed Harness Lines Part# CS 530
Chinook's standard black/blue 4mm line used for windsurfing downhauls, outhauls and inhauls.

Line is priced per foot
Chinook 10 inch Mast Box
Clamcleat Power Grip - One-handed tug cleat.

Commonly referred to as an easy rig, these tug cleats take the blisters out of downhaul and outhaul adjustments.
Chinook Base Washer With Channel Plastic Part# CS 130
Chinook US Cup Kit - for mast feet.Repair part or to change an older style mast foot.
Chinook Mechanical Joint - replacement mechanical joint for mast feet.
Chinook Deck WasherUsed under both 1-bolt and 2-bolt mast feet to protect the deck of your board.
Robichaud Batten Systems Inc. Batten Carbon Race 61 Part# CRS61
Windsurfing Hawaii, Inc. Mast Pad 12Lb Eva Part# 2541
True Ames Fins Fin Tab W/ Screw Part#
True Ames Fins Fin Roll Pins True Ames Part#
Trident Sports Starboard Safety Washers Part#