Sail Loco 6.4

Synergy Sports Inc. Sail Loco 6.4 Part#
Naish Global Freeride 115 - Both the Global Freeride board and sail under the same name are meant to be a great alternative to those who seek durable and versatile equipment but do not want to spend a fortune on it.
Next Sport Board Shark 145 Hrs Part#
Next Sport Board Shark 135 Hrs Part#

Board Ray 130 Ltd

Next Sport Board Ray 130 Ltd Part#
Next Sport Board Falcon 133 Team Part#
Maclean (Quality Composites, Inc.) Mast Powerex Speed 460 100% Part#
Groundswell, L.L.C. Sail Wave Tiger 5.8M Part#
Groundswell, L.L.C. Sail Wave Tiger 4.7M Part#
BIC NOVA Rig Pack 4.5 - The complete rig package including the mast, boom, mast base, and all required rigging.