Chinook Footstrap External Adjustment Part# CS 510
Chinook Competition Slalom BoomMade from super strong 6070 marine alloy, reduced diameter (1 1/8") grip. All Competition booms feature a 24”/61cm continuous aluminum tail-piece, semi-articulating boom head, external locking collar system, incremental adju
Chinook Triple Pulley Hook
Chinook Rubber Joint - replacement rubber joint for mast feet.
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Air-X 7.8M Part# G035
True Ames Fins Fin Ta Sweeper 51Cm Trim Box Part#
Board Naish Freewide 130 - Product of a joint development of Naish and Richard Greene, the freewides have gained worldwide praise and enthusiasm during international tests. For the 2009 season, the boards are finally available in the surf shops. But what
Sail Ezzy Wave Tiger 5.2M Part# ES WP52
Finworks Weed 17.5 Inch Tuttle Box - This fin will give you great racing speed through weeds, grass, and small debris which would cause spin-out on most other fin types!
Chinook Board Madd 138 Part#
The original, a board for a lifetime! Kona One windsurfing board is the one design class of the future. With its unique design unifying the qualities of the classical race boards with the features of modern short boards this is the board to learn, to race
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail - Aerotech Glide 5.2 Part#
This new offering from Kona, the Hula is designed to fast track learning how to windsurf that's enjoyable from the first experience. This board provides rapid planing – this enables riders rapid progression into footstrap use as the winds increase. It als
Boom Collar Set 2-Pin for Pro 1 or RDG Booms
With a totally unique 3-part outer panel design, we've reinvented the waist harness once again.  This construction provides the perfect wrap around fit, with maximum support and flexibility.  The anatomically correct dual density inner provides the perfec
The Dakine XT Seat windsurf harness is a fully built-out go-to seat harness. This substantial seat harness features a pre-curved inner support structure with featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad offering plenty of back support and performance. The XT S
The Dakine Impact Vest Harness offers the support and comfort of a waist harness, and the protection of a flexible padded impact vest. The Dakine Impact Vest Harness has a massive amount of flexible shaping panels that make this the most comfortable impac
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ 40% Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ 60% Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast
- 60% Carbon fiber RDM mast.- Constant curve bend characteristics work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market.- 60% carbon content provides excellent reflex response to maintain desired sail shape.- Remaining composite material further increas
Finworks Free-Slalom 12" – Power Box - The finworks Free-Slalom provides a versatile, fast ride without sacrificing too much maneuverability Great for all around free-riding.
Dakine, Inc Footstrap Vario Contour Part# 610934900606