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Chinook Tee Shirt - Short Sleeve Lg Part# CS 617LG
Wrap Straps Wide 12 Foot | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/4" Part# CS 227L
Footstrap ScrewThe stainless steel phillips head screw used on most boards coming out of the Cobra factory.Priced each.
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Neoprene Part# 955

Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt

$0.30 $0.22
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Part# 950
Brass Insert - 1/4-20The barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.

Chinook Mast Base Pad

$20.00 $15.00
Chinook Mast Base Pad Part# CS 616

Chinook Mast Shim for RDM

$12.50 $9.37
Chinook Mast ShimA rubber shim that allows a "normal" boom head to fit a Reduced Diameter mast.

Chinook Wrap Strap 15 Foot

$27.00 $20.25
Chinook Wrap Tie Down Straps - 15 ftChinook Wrap Straps, with padded buckles, these are the best for keeping your gear secure while traveling. 15 foot. Priced per pair.
Chinook Footstrap External Adjustment Part# CS 510
Chinook's high-strength Spectra line used for downhauls on large windsurfing race sails that have high downhaul loads.
Chinook Vent Screw Slot W/ O-Ring Part# CS 318
Chinook 5/8 inch Retrofit Vent w/ Slot ScrewEasy to install after hull is complete.
Friction Pad - A Rubber replacement pad for Chinook Competition Boom Heads.
Clamcleat Power Grip - One-handed tug cleat.

Commonly referred to as an easy rig, these tug cleats take the blisters out of downhaul and outhaul adjustments.
Clamcleat Power Grip 2 - Two-handed tug cleat.

Commonly referred to as an easy rig, these aluminum tug cleats take the blisters out of downhaul and outhaul adjustments. The 2-handed model is especially useful for bigger sails that have higher downhaul

Chinook Sail Pulley 4:1

$11.50 $8.62
Chinook 4:1 Sail PulleyA key component in adjustable outhaul systems (and part of Chinooks complete Adjustable Outhaul System). Screw it into the clew of your sail and leave it there.

Chinook Collar SDM Pin & Leash

$16.00 $12.00
Chinook Collar & Pin - for RDM extensions.Repair part.

Chinook Power Hook -3 Pulleys

$16.50 $12.37
Chinook Triple Pulley Hook

Chinook Europin With Washer

$23.00 $17.25
Chinook Europin With Washer Part# 145

Dakine Medium Harness Buckle

$2.50 $1.87
Dakine, Inc Medium Harness Buckle Part# 1MED

Fin Roll Pins

$0.50 $0.37
True Ames Fins Fin Roll Pins True Ames Part#

Dvd Jibing With Alan Cadiz

$26.95 $20.21
JIBING WITH ALAN CADIZ - DVD - 45 minutesThis is the most comprehensive study of jibing ever. Learn the common elements for all jibes then study examples of complete jibes. Alan leads you through all aspects of jibing and troubleshoots the common problems