This single point harness line narrows the harness line pull to one precise location. Easliy installed on your boom without removing the boom end.


Murrays Marine Aquaseal Part# 21563101140
Chinook Slider, Brass T Nut (8Mm) Part# 90
Fin Works Dowell Pin Short 1/4 X .5 Part# DOWELL PIN SHT
Fin Works Dowell Pin Long 1/4 X .625 Part# DOWELL PIN LNG
Dakine, Inc Twist Control System Part# 4300-405
Dakine, Inc Clip Lock Part# 4200-791
Dakine, Inc Sup Calf Leash 12' X 5/16 Part# 6675-200
Dakine, Inc Footstrap Proform Adjustable Part# 4300-300
Dakine, Inc Posi-Lock Buckle Repair Kit Part# 4200-800
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup. - 1 – inch
Next Sport Vent Screw SS Philips w/ O-Ring Part# VENTPLUG

Red Plate

North Sports Red Plate Part# LA408616
Our best-selling multi-tool for over 20 years, the Torque Driver comes with all the standard bits you'll need for your skis, snowboard, or surfboard. The stowaway handle makes it a ridiculously convenient tool to throw in with any tuning kit, or keep in
Gorge Sport U.S.A. Brass Barrel Nut 12mm 1/4-20 Part# 70-19-L
Murrays Marine Board Stak'Rz Pad Part# 41-3022


RE-DEKA quick and easy way to obtain permanent, professional-quality traction. Eight ounces of this extra gritty, ultra-clear, non-yellowing formula.Covers approximately 18 sq. ft. Dries in 2-3 hours.