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Dakine, Inc Power Clip Lock Buckle Part# 4200-790
Dakine, Inc Clip Lock Part# 4200-791
Dakine, Inc Wai Wai Base Pad Part# 4200-600
Dakine, Inc Posi-Lock Buckle Repair Kit Part# 4200-800

Red Plate

North Sports Red Plate Part# LA408616
Solarez Epoxy 2Oz | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Brass Insert 6Mm Thread X 11Mm | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Murrays Marine Aquaseal Cotol 240 Kit Part# 38-1912
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Part# 950
Brass Insert - 6mmThe barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.
Chinook Mast Base Pad Part# CS 616
Chinook Footstrap External Adjustment Part# CS 510
Chinook 1-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.
Chinook 8 inch Fin Box - A box.
Chinook Pro-1 Skinny Adapter Part# CS 221
Chinook Power-Haul Base - with Harken Ball Bearing Sheaves. US Cup.Loaded with Harken Ball Bearing Sheaves, this Power Haul extension base replaces the existing cleat and pulley system on Chinook extensions to decrease friction and extend line life.Drilli
Chinook Cl 250 Downhaul Cleat Part# CS 185
Chinook Quick Adjust Hinged Collar - for standard diameter Chinook Extensions.This is the collar that was standard prior to the new 6-pin snap collar Chinook is now using. Some people prefer this collar.Limited Availability.
Chinook Collar & Pin - for RDM extensions.Repair part.
Chinook US Cup Kit - for mast feet.Repair part or to change an older style mast foot.
Chinook Rubber Joint - replacement rubber joint for mast feet.
Robichaud Batten Systems Inc. Batten Carbon Race 49 Part# CRS-49
Chinook Deck WasherUsed under both 1-bolt and 2-bolt mast feet to protect the deck of your board.
This is the clip for the Chinook quick release mast base plate.