Mechanical batten tensioner for the batten tips on windsurfing sails.
The all new X-Lace Wave footstrap offers on the fly, micro adjustability. The pull tab adjustment system works equally well on the water, or on land. The lace tensioning system along with molded dual density foam creates the most comfortable footstrap Dak
The spreader bar pad is a must for rider comfort and is compatible with all DAKINE harnesses and most others.
By far Dakine's most popular spreader bar, featuring non-corrosive stainless steel construction. Available in 8", 10" and 12" lengths.
This friction pad protects reduced diameter windsurfing masts. This pad is for triple clamp booms.
Fin Works Dowell Pin Long 1/4 X .625 Part# DOWELL PIN LNG
Dakine, Inc Power Uphaul Part# 4200-710
Dakine, Inc Clip Lock Part# 4200-791
Dakine, Inc Posi-Lock Buckle Repair Kit Part# 4200-800
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup. - 1 – inch
North Sports Mast Base Cup '89- (La420361) Part# LA420369

Red Plate

North Sports Red Plate Part# LA408616
Solarez Epoxy 2Oz | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Our best-selling multi-tool for over 20 years, the Torque Driver comes with all the standard bits you'll need for your skis, snowboard, or surfboard. The stowaway handle makes it a ridiculously convenient tool to throw in with any tuning kit, or keep in
Murrays Marine Board Stak'Rz Pad Part# 41-3022
Murrays Marine Aquaseal Cotol 240 Kit Part# 38-1912