Fanatic Freewave TE 106 Part# FW106TE
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ 40% Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast
Dakine, Inc Leverlock Spreader Bar Dakine Part# 4605-180
Dakine, Inc Clip Lock Part# 4200-791
Hobie Bravo Furler Line Part# 90610121
Chinook Tee Shirt - Short Sleeve Lg Part# CS 617LG
Wrap Straps Wide 15 Foot | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Race Harness Lines"The ultimate racing harness lines." Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Easy in-flight adjustments, 12 inch plus range, pre-length setting, anodized cleats, durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop, replaceable
Chinook 1-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.
Chinook 5-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.
Chinook Pro-1 Alloy 225cm Boom Part# 250
Chinook Pro-1 Skinny Adapter Part# CS 221
Chinook Collar & Pin - for RDM extensions.Repair part.
Chinook Tendon Joint - replacement tendon for mast feet.Standard with most tendon bases on the market.
Chinook Mast Base 1-bolt Rubber - US CupOne-Bolt Twist On Mast Base with Rubber Universal and classic two pin mast cup. Rubber joint provides shock absorption in choppy conditions. Includes four finger grooves for easy tightening and safety webbing.
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board/Rig Cruiser/5.5 Genesis Part# G252
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Air-X 5.8M Part# G032
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Air-X 5.2M Part# G031
Windsurfing Hawaii, Inc. Mast Pad 12Lb Eva Part# 2541