Lightweight adjustable carbon SUP Paddle with ABS edge for protection and durability.
Chinook Line Chinook Bulk Harness Part# CS HLINE
Brass Insert 6Mm Thread X 11Mm | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/4" Part# CS 227L
Chinook Mast Base Upper - Two-Bolt Tendon Universal with Euro-Pin.Deck Plate not included
Chinook Volcano Toe-Jam Pad Part# CS 615
Chinook UphaulChinook's low-price, high quality uphaul. Hard to beat.
Easy UphaulJoin everyone on the US Sailing Team and uphaul with a smile. Take it easy on your back. Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners. Design has been recently improved.
Chinook Race Harness Lines"The ultimate racing harness lines." Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Easy in-flight adjustments, 12 inch plus range, pre-length setting, anodized cleats, durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop, replaceable
Chinook Mast Base 1-bolt Mechanical - Euro-PinChinook One-Bolt Twist On Mast Base with Mechanical Universal and Euro-Pin. Mechanical joint is easy to attach to wide boards and provides instant drive to race boards. Includes four finger grooves for easy ti
Chinook Vent Screw Slot W/ O-Ring Part# CS 318
Chinook 5/8 inch Retrofit Vent w/ Slot ScrewEasy to install after hull is complete.
Chinook Kid's BoomThe influx of kids to windsurfing inspired Chinook to produce a boom with their requirements. Chinook’s special Kid’s Boom has a 1” ultra small diameter grip, a range from 120cm to 150cm, and weighs less than 3.5 lbs. Fits standard diame
Pro 1 Alloy Race 185-247cm Monocoque body, custom alloy, fully articulating head, absolute length markings, proven easy to use adjustment collars, positive snap-in skinny adapter, modern ben
Chinook Carbon Boom Tailpiece - 66cm. Replacement part.Monocoque tubular construction for increased stiffness and strength. Permanent co-laminated extension length markings. Outhaul block rigs to a grommet or double sail pulley with no line crossover. Thr
Chinook Pro-1 Alloy 225cm Boom Part# 250
Chinook 4:1 Sail PulleyA key component in adjustable outhaul systems (and part of Chinooks complete Adjustable Outhaul System). Screw it into the clew of your sail and leave it there.
Chinook US Cup Kit - for mast feet.Repair part or to change an older style mast foot.
The new Six Pin adjusting collar and anodized logo/index markings are some of the unique and innovative features that make these the most popular extensions on the market. Standard with the proven US Power-Haul pulley and cleat system and 2 cm adjustment
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Air-X 5.8M Part# G032
Dakine, Inc Medium Harness Buckle Part# 1MED
Dakine, Inc Fusion Replacement Buckle Part# 1FUS