Windsurfing Accessories

Wrap Straps Wide 15 Foot | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Standup Paddle Board Cargo Net with Clips - Cargo net with clips. 2" squares, 18" x 18"
Our entry level Flow H9 brings new and exciting sensations to the amazing sport of windsurfing. With a high specification Aluminium mast, it’s strong and extra stable with a solid Deep Tuttle connection to prevent bending. Taking durability to the next le
Chinook Line Chinook Bulk Harness Part# CS HLINE
Monofilm Sail Repair Tape - 4 x 120 inches.If you need more than that, find yourself a loft… Or a new sail!
Lightweight adjustable carbon SUP Paddle with ABS edge for protection and durability.
Solarez Epoxy 2Oz | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Brass Insert 6Mm Thread X 11Mm | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Boom Collar Set 2-Pin for Pro 1 or RDG Booms
Chinook Fin Screw Part# CS 6090
Chinook HEX Bolt Part# CS 99
This friction pad protects reduced diameter windsurfing masts. This pad is for triple clamp booms.
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup.Standard size for most boards.
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup. - 1 – inch
Weed Burner G-10 45 Degree Fin
This tubing protects windsurfing rig harness lines from chafing or damage.
Free-Ride Dacron Rig Pack 5.5
Chinook Paddle Sup Oval Carbon 100% Fx Part# CS SUPP80
Chinook Paddle Sup 50% Shaft Fg Bl Part# CS SUPP30
Chinook Lashlock Tie Down Lock Sys Part# 540