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Anchor Wizard Anchor Wizard - Kayak Anchoring System

Anchor Wizard
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YakAttack - Anchor Wizard - Kayak Anchoring System

The Anchor Wizard has a revolutionary spool design that holds up to 60’of 1/8” anchor line. When the handle is turned backwards, the anchor free-falls. You regulate the speed of the drop by feathering the handle back and forth. Releasing more line will allow you to work your kayak along a drop or weed line to help position yourself over a particular area to fish.

The Anchor Wizard reel can be locked by a simple clockwise crank of the handle to hold your position in wind or current. When you’re ready to move to a new spot, crank the spool clockwise to take up the line until your anchor shaft enters the flanged nosepiece tube, out of the water and atop your kayak.

The Anchor Wizard is made of cast 319 aluminum, and can be used in salt or fresh water. I now have one installed on the bow of my Hobie “Pro Angler”, with an 8lb mushroom anchor. This is about the maximum weight the Anchor Wizard will handle.


  • Anchor Revolution Spool Design
  • Holds Up to 60' of 1/8" Anchor Line.
  • Backward Motion on Handle - Anchor Free Falls.
  • Can Regulate The Speed of the drop
  • Crank Clockwise to Lift Anchor
  • Will Hold up to 8lb Anchor