Yak-Attack (Discontinued) RAM Mounts GoPro Compatible, 1'' Composite Ball

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YA RMS-1032
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YakAttack - RAM 1" Diameter Ball with Custom GoPro® Hero Adapter

The YakAttack Ram - YA RMS-1032 (RAM -RAP-B-202U-GOP1) consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball, connected to a custom GoPro® adapter. The adapter attaches directly to the under-side of the camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket.  This mount allows for attachment to Panfish, Panfish Portrait, and DogBone mounts.  Can be used with all RAM 1" socket connectors.


  • Patented rubber ball design dampens shock and vibration helping to extent the life of the camera
  • Mount to many RAM double socket arms and mounts.
  • Multiple articulation and adjustment points for perfect viewing angles.
  • 1" Camera Ball
  • Custom GoPro® ready adapter
  • Connected to a 1" ball mount
  • GoPro® Not Included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made In the USA


  • Dim: 1"lg X 1"Wd X 2"Ht
  • Weight: ~2oz
  • Construction: Composite Polymer
  • Includes:
    • 1" Ball With GoPro® Adapter
    • GoPro® Not Included