Yak-Attack (Discontinued) RAM Mounts Universal Electronics Mount, 6 1/4'' X 2'', Includes composite connector, fits 1.5'' Ball Interface, No Base

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YakAttack - Universal Rugged Electronic Mount Wit 1.5" Connector Arm 

YakAttack and RAM teamed up to produce this wicked universal mounting plate. Designed for maximum versatillity, the aluminum mounting plate (6-1/2" X 2")  has multiple hole patterns for commonly mounted items, and since it's aluminum, it can be drilled for custom installations.  RAM BALL BASE NOT INCLUDED

 If you are looking for a GearTrac or Track Ready mount then order:  YA CBO-SB15-111 


  • Aluminum Mounting Plate (6-1/2 X 2")
  • Multiple Hole Patterns 
  • Can be drilled for custom Installations
  • 1.5" Connector Ball
  • 1.5" Composite Connector (RAM Base Not Included)
  • Made In the USA



  • Weight: ~2 lb
  • Construction: Composite Connectior
  • Includes:
    • Aluminum Mounting Plate (6-1/2" X 2")
    • Ball Mount
    • 1.5" Composite Connector (RAM Base Not Included)