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Yak-Attack (Discontinued) Zooka Tube, Post And Spline, 6'' Arm, Includes Plunger Deck Mount, No Hardware

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YA ZT-001
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YakAttack ZookaTube - 6" Post Mount with Combination Surface Mount Base
*Does not include mounting hardware

 YakAttack teamed up with RAM to produce this innovative, soon-to-be-coveted rod holding system: The ZookaTube!

The ZookaTube holds virtually all types of rods: spinning, level and fly. Left handed or right handed? No problem! The ZookaTube is ambidextrous! The ZookaTube is constructed from RAM's high strength composite, which is lightweight, strong and will last forever! The ZookaTube easily adjusts pitch by releasing the large thumbscrew on the side. 

The ZookaTube comes in a range of mounting options:

The Post Mount is splined for incremental rotational adjustments. No keyed entry to worry about, the Post Mount easily snaps in and stays secured! To release, just pull the plunger (Combo-Surface Mount base) or squeeze the button (Adapt-A-Track base).

The Combination Surface Mount can be mounted on a flat deck or on a bulkhead (vertical surface). It can also be mounted to a rail using two U-bolts. The Combo-Surface Mount features two splined mounting ports, which allows the Post Mount to quickly snap into a vertical or horizontal position. The auto-locking plunger snaps closed, securing the post in place.

The Adapt-A-Track base works with the popular YakAttack GearTrack and MightyMount systems, along with virtually every accessory tracks found on kayaks today. Similar to the Screwball, you just slide the base into position and twist to tighten.

The RAM Ball ZookaTube is just like the other, standard 1-1/2" RAM ball rod holders, giving you easy, universal adjustability. The ZT-004 includes a 1.5" Screwball and the ZT-003 comes without.