Yak-Attack Dog Bone extension arm, 12'' lg, Mighty Bolt connection one end, 1'' RAM Mounts® ball other end

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YakAttack - DonBone  12" Extension - MightyBolt & 1" RAM Ball

The DogBone Floating Extension Arm allows you to put a foot between your MightyMount / GearTrac it comes equipped with a Mightybolt and a 1" RAM Ball. The floating extension arm when combined with the rest of the YakAttack rigging platform, provides a powerful tool that opens up a lot of options for positioning gear. Great for cameras, rod holders and other accessories.  


  • Provides 12" effective extension
  • MightyBolt in one end
  • 1" RAM Ball on the other end
  • Soft foam coverings - providing floatation
  • Sound deadening, and comfort
  • Made In the USA


  • Dim: 12"lg X 1-3/4"Wd X 1-3/4"Ht
  • Weight: ~8 oz
  • Construction: Marine Grade Polymers and Hardware
  • Includes:
    • Extension Arm
    • 1" Ram Ball on one end
    • MightyBolt on the other end