Yak-Attack PanFish Portrait Camera Mount, GoPro® Ready

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YakAttack - PanFish Portrait Camera Mount - GoPro Ready - Mighty Mount & GearTrac Ready

A picture say a thousand words, so keep it short and sweet with the PanFish Portrait!

The pivoting head can be positioned at any angle in the horizontal plane.  This creates the perfect scenario for captureing all those Trophy Fish. Simply rotate your camera's LCD toward you and navigate the menu to set the delay timer.  Press the button to start the countdown, rotate the camera so the lens is towards you and pick up your Trophy Fish before the timer fires.  Perfect Trophy shot!  


  • PanFish Portrait
  • Mighty Mount & GearTrac Ready
  • MightMount Not Included
  • GoPro Ready
  • Made In the USA



  • Dim: 6"lg X 2-3/4"Wd X 2-3/4"Ht
  • Weight: ~7oz
  • Construction: UV and Marine Resistant Polymer
  • Capacity: 2lbs
  • Includes:
    • Camera Pole
    • Pivoting Head
    • GoPro Ready
    • MightyBolt incuded
    • MightyMount Not Included 
    • No Hardware