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YakGear Bruce Anchor Rigged

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YakGear Bruce Anchor Package

 Coastal anchoring can be tough with anything other than the YakGear 2.2lb (1kg) Bruce Anchor, also known as a “Plow Anchor”, this 2.2lb (1kg) galvanized steel plow anchor is the preferred anchor choice for coastal and near-shore fishermen. The plow shaped design allows the anchor to dig easily into sandy, silty and muddy bottoms. “Rock Rig” and “Add a Rope” capabilities are included in the complete kit, along with 30 feet of 3/16 inch black nylon diamond braid anchor rope and a YakGear Anchor Float leash. When anchoring, always use at least three times the depth of the water for your anchor rope length. For a single anchor, please see YakGear 2.2lb Bruce Anchor.

  • 2.2lb galvanized steel bruce anchor
  • YakGear Quick Release Anchor Float
  • 30′ Nylon Diamond Braid rope
  • “Rock Rig” and “Add a Rope” capabilities are included

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