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Mariner Sails Brand Ambassadors

Tim Bowers

Tim Bowers has been a fisherman his whole life, but didn't take up the sport of kayak fishing until 2013. Growing up in deep East Texas there weren't a lot of options when it came to hobbies, so going fishing on the weekends with his family came naturally. After graduating high school, he decided to move to Dallas to pursue a career in Graphic Design. As time passed in his career in the industry, fishing became less of a priority.
That is until he met his coworker and now fellow Mariner Sails teammate, Jean Carrion, which is when The Reel Gills was created. After over 100 videos and 2 years with Mariner Sails, the two provide videos on everything from kayak reviews to epic fishing adventures. "I grew up fishing from bass boats and never experienced the sense of community that you get with kayak fishing; I think that sets this sport apart from any other". When Tim isn’t on the water he enjoys hiking, live music, checking out the local cuisine and exploring all the culture that the city of Dallas has to offer.

Youtube -
Instagram - @thereelgills
Twitter - @reelgills


Cody Carpenter

Cody Carpenter humbly grew up in East Texas fishing the banks of the Sabine River for catfish and gar. He is a 2004 graduate of Texas Christian University with degrees in Sports Medicine and Education. Cody began kayak fishing in 2011 and bought his first kayak from Mariner Sails and was introduced into the DFW kayak fishing community through the Mariner Sails Working Mans Tournaments. He spends his time off the water educating high school students about kayak fishing and has worked within his community to protect local waters and fishing habitats. Cody is a proud pro staff member of the Yak Attack, Bonafide Kayaks, and Werner Paddles teams. He is a proud husband and father that enjoys introducing his children to the world of kayaking and fishing.

"I feel blessed to live in an area that has a company like Mariner Sails that fully supports kayak fishing and has allowed me to grow as an angler and a paddler and has provided platforms to grow life long friendships."


Jean Carrion

Jean Carrion is an avid kayak fisherman and co-creator of the Youtube channel, The Reel Gills. Having not fished very often growing up, his deep interest in fishing came to be in 2013. During the first fishing adventure with his co-worker, Tim Bowers, they saw kayakers with fishing poles and knew what the future entailed. 2015 was their start as The Reel Gills, a duo set out to show the excitement of kayak fishing and demonstrate a few tip and tricks to help upcoming kayak anglers. He is an official Mariner Sails videographer and Captain of the “Mariner Sails Air Force”. “Mariner Sails is the reason why I feel comfortable and ready on the water and the catalyst in making this a great kayaking community”. As a graduate of Graphic Design, photographer, videographer, businessman and many other things, Jean spends time pursuing all of his passions every day. You can find Jean out on the water throwing big swimbaits, hoping to catch the awesome action on film for the world to see.

Youtube -
Instagram - @thereelgills
Twitter - @reelgills


Mat Frentress

Mat Frentress has been fishing since he was very young. He has competed in numerous bass fishing tournaments all over Texas. In late 2015 he bought his first kayak to fish his first kayak tournament in 2016 on Lake Palestine and finished 3rd Place. Since that day he has been hooked. He truly enjoys the outdoors and anytime there is a little competition mixed in he will be right there to join. Mat is a member of the Mariner Sails Ambassador team and will be competing in local and national kayak trails in 2023.





Guillermo Gonzalez

Being Puerto Rican with an upbringing in South Florida, the water has always been a big part of Guillermo’s life. Today, living in north Texas, has not changed that. Guillermo began kayak fishing in middle school, where he became obsessed with chasing snook and tarpon in the South Florida backcountry. Upon graduating high school, Guillermo moved to Fort Worth to attend Texas Christian University. Leaving the saltwater was tough, but with the prospect of becoming a better bass angler, Texas did not seem so bad. In 2013, Guillermo decided to enter his first kayak bass fishing tournament, which to his complete surprise, he wound up winning. He has not looked back and continues to stay heavily involved in the local and national scene. Guillermo still resides in Fort Worth, where he works as a farm and ranch real estate agent.


Chris Lewis

A Crowley, Louisiana native, and 22-year NASA veteran admits to being a technology and gadgets junkie—a proclivity I've combined with a lifelong love of the outdoors. Often sharing those passions with my wife, two kids and with others through photography, videography, and podcasts.

Since the 1990s, I have been an active participant in fishing and boating trade shows and expositions. Although we usually pack away our kayaks and boats in the late fall and winter months, and opt for camping and hiking during that time of year.

My first venture into kayaking began in 2001 with the purchase of what I've dubbed “the polyethylene mistake”—a tandem kayak that didn't last long. When I became serious about combining kayaking and fishing, I upgraded to a Wilderness Systems Kayak. Since that time I’ve collected dozens of kayaks, many makes and models that all serve their own purposes. I kayak fish mainly inshore saltwater marshes and bays; however, you can also find me fishing (especially fly fishing) rivers and streams as well.

I've worked with many top-tier companies in my past. Once as a product tester and designer for Mann's Baits, for whom I had helped develop new products for the Gulf Coast Inshore Market. After 6 years with Mann's, I was invited to join the Pure Fishing Select Angler Team and was later added to their Profession Ambassador Team. I also promote a couple local Texas companies—Redtail Republic and Reel Sportswear—as a professional ambassador. 

In the last five years, I have enjoyed competitive fishing and often end up at or near the top of the standings, which may be an attribute to a stubborn, never-quit attitude. I work hard and seriously at my craft. Success for some competitors is built on study, research and records; however, I tend to rely on pure, physical effort and perseverance. Often literally and figuratively draining my battery to absolute zero in competition!

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Brandon Mayes

My name is Brandon Mayes AKA "That Bass Fishing Dude". I'm a central Texas native dubbed the tallest kayak fisherman in the world. After being medically retired from the military in 2013, I rekindled my love of fishing which has been therapeutic to say the least. I consider myself an adventure based angler, seeking and chasing those moments on the water that take you off the beaten path. My goal is to inspire others through my love for paddlesports, community involvement, and adventuring.


The Ninja

Jason "The Ninja" O'Brien

Jason O’Brien  A.K.A “The Ninja” has been kayak bass fishing for 17+ yrs. When not sharing and teaching the art of kayak bass fishing, The Ninja is competing in tournaments. With consistent top finishes and is nationally recognized for his accomplishments. He is more known for his success and love of big bass.
“ Hot or cold. Rain or shine. Night or day. Give me a kayak, a swim jig and let’s go hunt for those big bass!”
“It’s awesome working with the knowledgeable, friendly, FUN people at Mariner Sails. If it’s kayak related they’ve got it! And the know how to go with it! Above that it’s the customer service that will bring you back!”


Ken Pettigrew

Ken Pettigrew

Ken Pettigrew got his love of fishing from his grandfather and father, and he is now passing that same wisdom to his son. Bass fishing has gone from being a hobby to an obsession. As the song goes, “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall,” he will fish them all.

When Ken and his wife moved to Texas, he started out fishing from the bank. When he was able to get his first kayak from Mariner-Sails, it was a game-changer. Ken has Stage 5 kidney failure, so any time spent on the water while fishing is very therapeutic. He recently acquired a Hobie ProAngler 14 from Mariner-Sails, and life could not be better as a kayak angler. Ken’s goals include catching a double-digit bass, fishing every reservoir in Texas, volunteering with Heroes On The Water, and raising awareness for Kidney Disease.

“When I get the opportunity to talk about fishing, kayaking, gear, or the great bass fishing community we have, I will always take advantage of that time.”

YouTube - KPFishingUSA
Instagram - @KPFishingUSA
Facebook - KPFishing


Brian Row

Bryan Row grew up learning to fish from his dad and granddad in west Texas; mostly catfish, carp or crappie. Then he moved to the DFW area in 1999 and got his first kayak around 2011. He started fishing in some of the small trails around the area, learning how to bass fish. Along the way he has made some amazing friends in the kayak community and has seen some spectacular sights, often while traveling to and fishing in tournaments. He has had successes in different trails but has enjoyed being involved with the Mariner Sails Working Man’s Tournament the most. Here’s a little note in Bryan’s own words….. “With the explosion of kayak fishing the last few years, it is a very rewarding experience to be able to help people get into the kayak scene and give expectations of what they could experience if they decide to tournament fish.” Bryan is always happy to share what he knows and lend a helping hand. Look for him on the water or at one of our upcoming Mariner Sails Thursday Night Working Man’s Tournaments.


Matthew Scotch

I’ve been addicted to fishing ever since I can remember. My dad and grandfathers took me hunting and fishing at an early age and from that time on it’s been all I really want to do with my life. Every free weekend when I was younger you could find me on or near the water with a fishing pole in my hand.

When I turned 18 I went to culinary school in Austin TX. I worked as a chef for nearly 10 years in private country clubs, fine dining restaurants, and catering companies before fishing found its way back into my life in my late 20’s. A chance meeting with a neighbor one day set the course for a wild chain of events that eventually led to me leaving the food service industry and starting a career as a kayak fishing guide.

I’ve been kayak fishing for 6 years now, competed in the biggest kayak competitions, won tournaments, been on TV, and gained recognition as one of the top kayak anglers in the sport. I’m humbled to be where I’m at today and look forward to what lies around the corner.


Danny and Carol Wells

Looking back we can't think of a time either of us were not spending time on the water in some capacity never realizing growing up we were actually on the same lake just opposite ends.  We both had dads that taught us to fish and know safety on the water and have been lucky enough to pass this along to our kids and grandkids.

We only became interested and jumped on the kayak scene in 2018 when we bought our Hobie PA14's and have never looked back and are very blessed to have met some wonderful people that share the same love of kayaking as we do.

Mariner Sails is our home base store and highly recommend the experienced staff to anyone looking for a kayak adventure. C-ya on the Water.



Hobie Pro-Staff

Tracy Dougan

Tracy “TwoFish” Dougan is a Hobie Fishing Team member and creator of TwoFish Outdoors. He grew up in a small town in Arkansas spending every hour possible outdoors. He cut his teeth by getting a hook wet in every pond, creek, lake, and river he could, although he did not take up serious bass fishing until 2007. He bought his first Hobie in 2014, and he started seriously tournament fishing in 2016. “I have fished bass boat tournaments since 2008. My first kayak tournament in 2015 immediately showed me that this community is different, and I want to do everything I can to grow this sport”. TwoFish still spends a few weekends a year in the woods looking for Bullwinkle, but otherwise he fishes almost every weekend. His website and Facebook page TwoFishOutdoors are where you can find how-to videos, podcasts, and Live broadcasts about the kayak fishing scene. Chances are if there is a kayak tournament in North Texas, you can find Tracy not only fishing it but also volunteering to help run it. Website: YouTube: The 2Fish Channel Instagram: @teamtwofish


Old Town Pro-Staff

Jerry Hamon

Jerry is an avid angler, specialized, if you will, in kayak and fly fishing.  He is the owner/guide at River Crossing Guide Service. He is the Past President of the Texas Council of Fly Fishers International and the President of both the Mariner-Sails Kayak Fishing Club and the Waco Fly Fishing Club.  He is serving his second term on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Freshwater Fisheries Advisory Committee and is the Chairman of that committee this term. Jerry is also a certified TPWD Angler Education Area Chief/Instructor and enjoys occasionally fishing kayak tournaments.  Jerry is passionate about fishing and teaching others about the joy of fishing. He loves fly fishing from his kayak on Texas rivers and lakes.


Duc Tran

Over the course of 10+ years in the Kayak fishing game, Tran has taken on the role of running several major kayak bass fishing trails in Texas. Some of his responsibilities include serving as the regional director for Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) in Texas for several years, hosting an annual Lonestar Showdown, helping run the Tournament of Champions (TOC) and currently running the North Texas Kayak Championship trail.

After a career as a civil engineer, Tran began working at Mariner Sails, a local kayak shop located in Dallas, Texas, that he frequently visited for years. This has granted him an even greater opportunity to bring new people into the sport and utilize his knowledge of kayaks and kayak fishing in general.