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Super Nova Fishing Lights

Waterproof LED lights and accessories for "on the water" Kayak and boating applications.

A Little About Our Lights

Our LED strips are rated IP68 with 60 LEDs per meter. They are fully waterproof and can withstand salt water. SuperNova LED Strips emit approximately 3400 lumens per 16ft. strip. That’s approximately 212 lumens per foot. They’re extremely bright!

Our kayak kits each include LED light strips (between 2 and 8 strips depending on which kit you choose), and installation accessories: switch with waterproofing boot, wire management mounting pads, fuse and fuse holder, 6ft extra wire, 3M adhesion promoter, heat shrink, and tie wraps.

    Choosing the Right Color for You

  • Green is our most popular choice. It will attract the most fish and is one of the brightest. It also renders colors nicely at night.
  • Blue is easier on your night vision and do have some UV properties- they react with fluorescent line at casting distance. They make a great choice for exterior or cabin lighting.
  • Red is the dimmest and easiest on your night vision. A great choice for the cabin area.
  • Whites are the brightest. Warm white has a yellowish tint to it and cool white has a blue tint to it. We recommend using these on the stern or where they will not obstruct your night vision.

        How many hours do the kayak lights run and what type of battery do I need?

    •  The Basic Kayak Kit draws approximately 1amp-hr. 
    • The Deluxe Kayak Kit draws approximately 1.5 amp-hrs. 
    • The Extreme Kayak Kit draws approximately 2 amp-hrs.
    • We recommend at least a 17.5 amp-hour Lithium Ion battery with the Extreme Kayak Kit, that would give you approximately 8-9 hours of solid fishing time. If you are running multiple LED strips and you have other items hooked up, such as GPS or fish finders, or if you plan to fish for a couple of nights in a row without recharging your battery, you may want to choose a larger battery.