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Our Staff

Our staff members are experienced sailors and windsurfers, as well as kayak anglers, and recreational paddlers, so you tap into well over 100 years of combined "on-the-water" experience with every purchase.

Aris Tsamis

President & Owner

A native of North Texas, Aris has been involved in the sailing business since the early 1970's. Aris is a walking encyclopedia on all subjects related to sailing, windsurfing, paddling, and stand up paddle boarding (he has bona fide, extensive experience in most of these water sports venues). If he doesn't know the answer to your questions he'll do his best to find the answers from our extensive source of industry contacts.

Adrian Acosta

E-Commerce, Social Media and Customer Service Manager (Kayak Fishing & Recreational Kayaking)

Adrian's years of kayaking and kayak fishing experience will make sure you get good advice from someone who has been there. His passion for Kayak Fishing is evident with his involvement with numerous groups and organizations geared towards growing the sport. 

You can connect with him at:

DFW Kayak Fishing

DTP- DownToPaddle

Chris Beal

Sail Loft Manager

Chris embodies the quality of workmanship that our customers have come to expect from Mariner Sailmakers. With our 40 years of sailmaking industry experience at his back, he will get you taken care of whether you need a new set of sails to last for years to come or a small repair after an intense day on the lake.

Dave Potts

Distribution Manager (Kayak Fishing)

Before joining our team, Dave became a key element of our local Heroes on the Water chapter. Helping wounded and recovering Veterans get an introduction to kayaking and kayak fishing is near and dear to his heart. Every month you'll find Dave and the rest of the Heroes on the Water volunteers providing kayaks, friendship and expertise to our honorable military men and women. He is a valuable resource for your kayak fishing needs.

Duc Tran

Duc Tran

Store Manager (Kayak Fishing)

Over the course of 10 years in the Kayak fishing game, Tran has taken on the role of running several major kayak bass fishing trails in Texas. Some of his responsibilities include serving as the regional director for Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) in Texas for several years, hosting an annual Lonestar Showdown, helping run the Tournament of Champions (TOC) and currently running the North Texas Kayak Championship trail. After a career as a civil engineer, Tran began working at Mariner Sails, a local kayak shop located in Dallas, Texas, that he frequently visited for years. This has granted him an even greater opportunity to bring new people into the sport and utilize his knowledge of kayaks and kayak fishing in general.

You can connect with him at:

North Texas Kayak Championships


Liz Obregon


[email protected]

Liz's work speaks for itself.  Her desire for producing a quality product is among her core beliefs.  Liz produces most of  our custom sail covers, sailing bags, trophy bags, merchandise covers as well as many other items that come through our doors.   


Terry Potts


Terry is our receiving specialist extraordinaire!!  She spends her days here at Mariner Sails, making sure that we are well-stocked, and ready to rock!  Every delivery that hits the door at Mariner Sails goes through Terry - so you could say she's like our in-house "gatekeeper"!  When she's not at work, Terry enjoys spending time with her husband, Dave, tending to her garden, and cuddling their adorable new lab puppy, "Abby".

Kim Owens

Customer Service

Chandler Woods

Customer Service


Brady Hedges

Customer Service

Brady enjoys making people smile and his years of experience in Kayak Fishing make him an encyclopedia for navigating Texas waters from PK to the Gulf Coast. As he recovered from battling Cancer and multiple surgeries Brady went straight to dove hunting.