Add or replace a pair of handles on your kayak. Comfort Carry Handles are common on Perception, and Wilderness Systems kayaks. Found on bow and stern, on the sides of sit-on-top kayaks and in cockpit centers on some sit-on kayaks. Rubber grip is 5 inches
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tarpon 160 w/Rudder Part# 9750637143
Wilderness Systems 2017 Pamlico 145T Part# 9730467143
Wilderness Systems Airpro Max 3D Seat Part# 8070030
Wilderness Systems (Closeout) 2015 Thresher 140 Saffron w/Rudder Part# 9750805130
Wilderness Systems 2017 Tsunami 165 w/ Rudder Part# 9720667143
Confluence Holdings, Corp. Tubing Rudder/Skeg Part# PTUB004
Wilderness Systems (Closeout) 2015 Zephyr Red 155 Part# 9720155040
Confluence Holdings, Corp. Oval Orbix Hatch Part# 9800796
Confluence Holdings, Corp. Round Orbix Hatch Part# 9800795
Wilderness Systems SlideTrax Rail 8" Part# 8070074
 Wilderness System - Flex-Arm Led Light

Pre Order - December Delivery

The Flex-Arm LED Light redefines what a light can do in a kayak. Featuring a 2-foot flexible yet stableplastic arm, the LED light can be precisely aimed anywhere – vertically fo
Wilderness Systems Orbix Storage Bin - Round Part# 8070007
Confluence Holdings, Corp. Flush Mount Rod Holder Extender Part#
Confluence Holdings, Corp. YakAttack - RotoGrip Paddle Holder Part#