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Yak-Attack (Discontinued) RAM Mounts Universal Electronics Mount 6-1/4'' x 2'' Includes Composite Connector Fits 1'' Ball Interface No Base

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YakAttack - Universal Electronic Mount With 1" Connector Arm 

YakAttack and RAM teamed up to produce this wicked combo pack that allows you to attach a variety of items to this universal mounting plate. Designed for maximum versatillity, the aluminum mounting plate (6-1/2" X 2")  has multiple hole patterns for commonly mounted items, and since it's aluminum, it can be drilled for custom installations.  Includes connector for quick and easy attachment 1" RAM Ball (NOT INCLUDED)

If you are looking for a GearTrac or Track Ready Mount then order: YA CBO-SB1-B-111


  • Aluminum Mounting Plate (6-1/2 X 2")
  • Multiple Hole Patterns 
  • Can be drilled for custom Installations
  • 1" Connector Ball
  • 1" Composite Connector (RAM BASE Not Included)
  • Made In the USA



  • Weight: ~1.5 lb
  • Construction: Composite Connectior
  • Includes:
    • Aluminum Mounting Plate (6-1/2" X 2")
    • Ball Mount
    • 1" Composite Connector (RAM BASE Not Included)