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YakPower 50 Amp Heavy Duty Relay Switch

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YP-LDR50 50 Amp Heavy Duty Relay Switch With Auto-Reset Circuit Breaker

For connecting a trolling motor, large LED light bar, agricultural sprayer, or other high current 12V device to any Yak Power system.


  • Heavy duty, waterproof 50A relay switch
  • Internally integrated 50A circuit breaker with automatic-reset
  • RED LED indicator when battery power is connected
  • GREEN LED indicator when the relay is switched ON and the connected device is receiving power.
  • Fully potted marine grade design
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to any Yak Power switcher

Warning: When connecting a trolling motor, large LED light bar, agricultural sprayer or other high current electronic 12V device to this relay you MUST use the correct size gauge of wire on the load side of this relay between the relay and the device you are connecting. You must also use the same size gauge of wire on the battery connection to this relay to insure proper function and protection of your device. Please consult the specifications for the device you are connecting for proper wire sizing BEFORE installation.

Note: Make sure the plug-and-play connectors are completely pushed together when connecting the system together. Yak-Power uses our own custom tooled, high tolerance, very snug fitting connectors with larger gauge, real copper wire to ensure a quality, weatherproof and reliable connection.

All our plug-and-play accessories are specifically designed to work together while maintaining the correct battery polarity throughout the entire Yak-Power system. Using other aftermarket connectors or splicing other connectors into the YP system may cause damage to the system or the accessories connected to the system and may void your warranty.

Caution: Make sure to pay attention to the actual wire colors of all our accessory cables to ensure that the red (+) wire is always connecting to the red (+) wire on the connector into which it is being plugged.


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