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DDRC Presents Camping out of your Canoe or Kayak | 2/10/24

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  • By Adrian
DDRC Presents Camping out of your Canoe or Kayak | 2/10/24

Come join the Dallas Downriver Club for a free seminar on “Camping out of your Canoe or Kayak”. This event is co-hosted by Mariner Sails. The Dallas Downriver Club typically goes on 12 to 14 camping trips a year with about half of them being on the river and half is base camping near the river. We have been doing this since 1976 and have a lot of experience to share. Listening to this seminar will enable to step up your game as far as camping on the river.
Details: Dale Harris and Bryan Jackson are senior members of the DDRC and are teaming up offer this seminar on Camping out of your Canoe or Kayak at 1pm to 2:30pm on Feb 10th at Mariner Sails in Dallas. We will share camping advice and tips on river camping out of your canoe or kayak. We go beyond the basics and cover tents, sleeping bags, mattress pads, techniques, etc. Included are a few tips on getting all your gear in your canoe or kayak.
Please RSVP at Seats and parking are limited so please RSVP.
Any questions please contact Dale at [email protected].
Bryan Jackson has been an avid camper for over 50 years and a DDRC member for 25 years and a current DDRC officer. He has led over 150 river camping trips and has hosted several camping seminars as well as seminars on leading river camping trips.
Dale Harris is also an avid camper with 50+ years of experience including 23 week-long camping trips. Seven of those were in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area. Dale is also one the DDRC trip leaders.
Mariner Sails: 11110 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75229
Located on I-35E between Royal Ln and Walnut Hill Ln on Merrell Rd.
This section of I-35E does not have and Access Rd on the east side – you’ll need to come in on Merrell Rd.