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Bonafide Fat Grip Bow Handle

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For the SS107 and SS127 we knew we needed to design a handle that was not only comfortable in your hand while carrying your kayak to and from the water, but also we wanted it to be the closest thing to your body while being carried. With the handle being the closest point of contact to you it makes it much easier to carry while keeping your back in an upright natural position. The diameter of the handle is wider than most kayak handles yet more narrow than molded in handles making it the perfect size to maximize grip strength and comfort.

Attached on the underside of the Fat Grip Handle is a highly comfortable rubber insert that won’t cause any pressure points, add grips, and evenly distributes the load of your fully rigged or unloaded fishing kayak in an easy to grip carry handle. Included in this kit is the assembled Fat Grip Bow Handle and stainless steel hardware. Made in the USA.

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