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In the UNLIMITED….yes you can. This kayak was designed to blow through obstacles and give you control. A solid open deck with unlimited rig-ability. A remarkable hull design that is fast AND stable, prepared for any waters. Plug & Play ready for pedals, p
Combining speed, stability, and open space, the Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise. Loads of stability and great paddling performance in skinny water, open water, and moving water will take your fishing to new heights. The Pursuit’s
Turn your NuCanoe into a stealthy hunting machine! Duck Blinds include folding doors for maximum concealment, stern dog pod, motor mount opening, and vegetation straps from bow to stern. Best with kayak style seat or a layout seat. Utilizes existing deck
Adjustable Fiberglass paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles. Includes a 40" Angler measuring tape on the shaft.
Easily Mount the Anchor Wizard Chute directly off the bow of your Flint. Utilizes inserts for bow handles for easy installation.
The PIVOT Drive is a high performance pedal drive accessory for the F10, Flint, Frontier 12, or Pursuit. Unlike every other kayak pedal system on the market, the PIVOT Drive 1) Is completely an add-on accessory; 2) Does not require a hole in the deck flo
This kit includes ALL Decking Pieces EXCEPT the 11 pieces contained in the Basic Kit (sold separately). This is a 6mm, tone two decking kit with a brushed finish.


NuCanoe -  Frontier - All New Transom Motor Plate

Protect your Transom while
NuCanoe - Gun/Bow Mounts (Pair)

NuCanoe Gun & Bow Mounts attach to the Fro
Enables use of a bow mount trolling motor directly off the bow. The kit includes the mounting plates and hardware. It is compatible with MinnKota and MotorGuide Bow Mount Motors. Kits available for the F10, Flint, Pursuit, UNLIMITED, or Frontier 12 models
There When You Need It…
Enjoy a clean open deck with the ability to combine the UNLIMITED and Flint with the all-new 2021 Gear Pod! Fully removable storage solution to maximize organization while still protecting your deck space.

The Anchor Wizard Transom Mount allows you to install the anchor wizard chute to deploy over the transom of your F10, Flint, Frontier 12, or Pursuit. Super simple to put on or take off, no tools required! (A/W Chute sold seperately).
The Frontier 12 Basic Decking Kit contains 10 pieces for the Deck Floor, covering the primary standing and functional areas. This is a 6mm, tone two decking kit with a brushed finish. 

Black w/ White Camo: THUNDER STORM
All new Frontier Fusion Seat Base features super sturdy construction, so your Fusion seat or Pinnacle seat has a rock solid foundation. Compatible with all Frontier 12, F10, and UNLIMITED models.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 6 in
Freshen up your 2016 or 2017 Frontier 12 or F10 with our latest and greatest parts!
Upgrade your 2012-2015 Frontier 12 with all the new parts and components that can be easily installed on your Frontier 12. The upgrade kit plus a good cleaning with have your Frontier 12 looking just like a 2018! The ’12-’15 upgrade kit includes:

1 x
NuCanoe Drain Plug Part# 7040
Take along your favorite junior passenger in the Pursuit or Frontier without sacrificing your clean open deck. Mounts in the track and easy to adjust. Includes track mounting hardware.
Nucanoe - Pursuit - Slide Drawer

The Slide Drawer secures in the bow
The Fly Angler Package provides the ideal setup for fly anglers, securing your rod + reel, enabling you to stand to cast, and preserving a clean open deck.

Package Includes:

#2535 – Pursuit Casting Bar
#4131 – ToughClaw RotoGrip Paddle Holder