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BerleyPro FPV Dual Battery Mount

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BP1416 Dual Batterang Bro 
Looking for a way to mount your FPV 7ah or 17ah battery in your 8 inch round hatch as found in Hobie® and various kayaks?
The Dual Batterang Bro features a unique mounting system involving a precision bat like shape and 8 holes drilled through. The Dual Batterang Bro will fit two 7Ah Or 17,5Ah  FPV-Power Lithium Waterproof Batteries.  This Battery mount fits perfectly in the rear 8 inch hatch in the rear of the Hobie® ProAngler or any 8 inch round Hatch.   Combine this with the 8 stainless steel fasteners provided and you have the perfect couple/battery mount.
Made in Australia from 3mm ABS plastic
Stainless Steel Fasteners provided
*** Does not come with batteries ***
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