BooneDox Groovy Landing GearTrack Kit

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There's no sense spending any more time in the parking lot than you have to.  The Groovy Landing Gear mounts to the hull and your wheels can stay, stow, or go depending on your needs.  It also doesn't require you to flip your kayak to mount or unmount your wheels so that you can fish for fish (and not your gear)!


  • Carries up to 180 lbs
  • Includes everything you need to track mount to your boat:
    • 2 x Groovy Knuckles
    • 2 x Railblaza Wheels
    • 2 x Standard Legs
    • 4 x D-Clips
    • 4 x Aluminum Gussets
    • 1 x Bungee Pack
    • 1 x Track Pack
    • 1 x Spacer Bar
  • Gear grooves for track-mounted accessories


PLEASE NOTE:  Not all tracks are created equal!  Please verify with your kayak manufacturer that your tracks can support the weight. 



Find the Groovy Landing Gear track installation instructions here.


Please note that the Landing Gear legs and wheels are intended for transportation only.  The Landing Gear is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage.  Leaving the landing gear deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on the tires and add additional stress to your kayak. 



Boonedox stands by our product performance with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.  This warranty covers both performance and finish issues not associated with normal wear-and-tear or miss-use.  See our full warranty policy for more details.


This is an aftermarket product;  all risks of damage to the watercraft are assumed by the customer and are not the responsibility of Boonedox. 

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