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Hobie Wave Mast Float Kit Mini Bob

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MAST FLOAT - Baby Bob. For Hobie Wave, 14 and 16.

Designed by the Hobie Cat team to offer the safety and security of mast head floatation while limiting the resistance (drag) through the air. The Hobie mast float can give you the time you need to prepare to right the boat without the worry of going turtle (mast straight down). This also helps prevent damage to your rig and sails that can be caused if the mast comes in contact with the bottom when capsized. This mast float is standard on all Hobie Waves. It is fixed in position to the mast head and rotates with the mast. Displaces 32 pounds of water and measures 1/2 cubic foot in volume. Bracket mounting allows easy removal for racing or trailering.

Includes HC 30116 mounting hardware.


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