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Native Watercraft Propel Prop Shear Pin

Native Watercraft
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Native Watercraft - Propel Replacement Shear Pin


The Native Watercraft Replacement Propel Shear Pin protects the gears of your propel unit from being damaged should your propeller come into contact with an immovable object. Without the shear pin, you risk damaging the internal gears when the propeller stops moving but you keep pedaling. If this occurs, the shear pin is designed to break, disengaging the propeller from the gear unit. The propeller will not fall of the propel drive, but it will spin independently of the pedals. Replacing the shear pin is quick and easy and only requires a 4mm hex wrench. It's good practice to keep an extra shear pin and hex wrench on your boat so you don't have to paddle back in the event of a collision.




  • Replacement shear pin for Native Propel Drive

  • Shear pin protects the internal gears from damage if the propeller strikes an immovable object

  • Easy to replace, only tool requirements are a 4mm hex wrench

  • Always keep a spare on your kayak

  •  Sold individually