You’ve just spent over $2,000 on a Kayak and it makes you cringe when loading or unloading your kayak on those pesky concrete boat ramps and parking lots…then you’ve come to the right place.
Polyethylene kayaks are easy to scratch, just ask anyone who has dragged theirs down the boat ramp, or dropped it off the top of their Subaru. They are also a bear to get anything to stick to, as the petroleum in the plastic makes most things unable to adhere to your Kayak. Leaving most kayakers to resort to multiple layers of Gorilla duct tape desperately trying to protect their investment, which is a band-aid solution, and not a long term answer for real kayak protection.
Using the Gator Patch to protect your kayak will make drops, skids, concrete, and cracks a thing of the past – the easiest insurance on your expensive investment. A Fiberglass Resin Patch that bonds physically and chemically to your kayak or canoe – curing in UV Sunlight in under an hour. An Easy & Simple application for a permanent protection solution. 
You can cut strips for kayak keel guard, allowing you to beach or drag your kayak up on shore, or in the parking lots and boat ramps. You can cut it to fit any wear areas and use as a Skid Plate as needed. Especially on the wide front and rear portions of bottom you’ll find on a NuCanoe, Diablo, Hobie,  Bonafide, Wilderness, Old Town Kayaks, and other wide bodied boats. Below are instructions for the kayak keel guard using Gator Patch, as well as repair for a cracked or damaged plastic kayak.