Lube Job™ Super Penetrant is a fast acting deep-penetrating lubricant that reduces friction, fights corrosion and displaces moisture. Lube Job™ Super Penetrant removes dirt and grease while leaving a coating that protects against subsequent corrosion. Cut
Mast Tip Rotator for spinnaker/reacher kit.
Samson Trophy Braid - Trophy Braid is excellent for cruising sailors who want a rope with a soft hand. This line has a soft, fuzzy cover that is easy on the hands. This double braid construction has a spun polyester cover and a polyester core.
Hobie Diamond Decal Turquoise / Silver Hobie Part# 12451031
Hobie Drain Plug With Gasket Part# 10091000
3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 4200FC is a one-component, medium-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling polyurethane that delivers strong, flexible bonds to aluminum, wood, gelcoat and fiberglass. It forms watertight, weather-resistant seals above
Samson XLS Yacht Braid - Cruising sailors who desire optimal performance will appreciate this low stretch construction, smooth rendering, and long life of the 3-end- per- carrier cover over a polyester core.
Hobie Headboard /W Rivets Part# 68330011
Hobie Decal "Getaway"
DECAL 'GETAWAY' 2005-2016
2005-2012 Part# 37440151
Hobie Wave Righting Line (Blue & White)
Hobie Mast Base H14 Black Part# 10640011
Hobie Tendon Tiller Connector (Hobie Getaway/Wave) Part# 37561011
Hobie Catamaran Sail Numbers Part# 12720030
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin - 5/16 x 2-1/16 inchUsed as the upper rudder pin on the Hobie 20
Hobie Gudgeon H-20 Part# 40101301
Hobie Wave Main Sheet Part#
Ronstan Mast Step/Halyard Organizer Ss Part#
Hobie Tiger End Cap Right / Front Part# F18062742
Hobie Rope Lock Trapeze Part# 61530000
Hobie Clew Plate 3 Hole Part# 62270000
Hobie End Caps For Cat Trax (1 Pair) Part# 1620

Telo Cat

Davis Telo Cat Part# 1450