Harken Fairlead For Cam-Matic Part# HAR 425BK
Hobie Tramp Storage Bag W/Map Pocket Part# 3128
Harken Block 38mm Big Bullet Cheek Part# HAR 132
Hobie Wave Righting Line (Blue & White) Part#
Hobie Wave/Getaway Chainplate Part# 39100011
Hobie Rudder CamTrouble keeping your rudders locked down? The rudder cam is one of the first things to wear out in the Hobie rudder system. If you have the original hollow rivet holding the cam in your casting, you will need to drill it out with a 1/4" bi
Hobie Bravo Righting Line (Blue & White) Part#
Samson Warpspeed 3/8" - A great strength-weight-stretch profile (high strength, low stretch, and very low weight) makes WarpSpeed® the high-performance racer's choice for double braid ropes. The strength member in this double braid is 100% Dyneema® fiber.
RUDDER CASTING BUSHINGSAre you plagued by sloppy rudders? Do your nyliners keep slipping out? Open up the holes in your rudder castings to 7/16" and install these insulating, self lubricating nylo
Hobie Roller Furler Darby Ring
Hobie Sail Chafe Protector Set Part# H285
Hobie Silicon Rtv 100% (3oz) Part# 376
Hobie Roller Fairlead Large Part# 50012
Hobie Batten Cap Kit H14/17 Leech Part# 1521H
Davis Deluxe Rigging Knife Part# 1551
Hobie Wave Mast Base New Style Part# 38641001
Hobie Orange Mast Caution Decal Part# 13440010
Hobie Tequila Sunrise Dome Decal 4-1/2 Hobie Part# 12453031
Don’t get caught with your sails down! Extra strong, white tape for temporary on-the-spot repairs to torn sails, canvas, even foul weather gear. Keep a roll in your toolbox for emergencies.2 in x 25 ft Roll
Hobie Knife Yachtsman Stainless Part# 1555
Hobie Rigging Knife Part# 1550