Hobie Stainless Hog Cinch Ring (Shock Cord Crimp) Part# BA-B452
Hobie End Caps For Cat Trax (1 Pair) Part# 1620
Hobie H16 Main Halyard (Non-Comptip) Part#
Hobie Twist N Seal Hatch Assembly 6-Inch Part# 71701011
Hobie Shackle Bow 4.7 Mm Part# 10870000
FSE Robline Racing Sheet - Racing Sheet Pro is the outcome of the continued development efforts of FSE Robline®. Made of a mix of impregnated Dyneema® and XLF, the core provides even greater stability in the cleats and allows sailors to use Racing Sheet P
Samson XLS Yacht Braid - Cruising sailors who desire optimal performance will appreciate this low stretch construction, smooth rendering, and long life of the 3-end- per- carrier cover over a polyester core.
Hobie Diamond Decal Turquoise / Silver Hobie Part# 12451031
Hobie Mast Pivot Bearing Pkg 3 Part# 11110005
Hobie Shackle 5/16In Pin (Mast Tang) Part# 20700001
Harken Block 29mm Bullet Single Swivel Part# HAR 166
Hobie Anchor Plate Wing Flange Part# 68190001
Hobie Access Port Gasket ( H-18 ) Part# 61382020
Hobie Shackle 3/16X5/8X5/16 Part# SP150052
Hobie Mast Stepper Base Bracket Part# 92170011
Hobie Bullseye Fairlead - No Screws Part# B323
Hobie Sail Feeder - stainless steel.Standard equipment on the mast of all fiberglass Hobie Cats. Assists in feeding the mainsail into the mast luff track.Includes fasteners and instructions.
Universal Hobie Batten - 69 inchUse the table shown above to verify size needed. Batten #1 is the bottom batten in a sail. Order batten tie line separately.Max length: 69 inchMin length: 51-3/4 in
Hobie Shroud Adjuster Cover Blk 12In Part# 3261B
Hobie Grommet & Tool Kit Part# 2061
Hobie Jib Hank W/Screw Part# 22090001