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Hobie H20 Main Batten Part# 42071011
Line Samson 3/8 Inch Ultralite - Ultra-Lite has low stretch, excellent strength, and it floats.
Clamcleat CL213 Fine Line Nylon Clamcleat® - Starboard
Samson Trophy Braid - Trophy Braid is excellent for cruising sailors who want a rope with a soft hand. This line has a soft, fuzzy cover that is easy on the hands. This double braid construction has a spun polyester cover and a polyester core.
Samson XLS Yacht Braid - Cruising sailors who desire optimal performance will appreciate this low stretch construction, smooth rendering, and long life of the 3-end- per- carrier cover over a polyester core.
FSE Robline Racing Sheet - Racing Sheet Pro is the outcome of the continued development efforts of FSE Robline®. Made of a mix of impregnated Dyneema® and XLF, the core provides even greater stability in the cleats and allows sailors to use Racing Sheet P
Liros Magic Gold Part# RLH5RYB
Liros Magic Sheet Part# RLM9SW
Hog Ring PliersCinch rings, hog rings, upholsterers clamp. They are all the same and these are the pliers to crimp them with. Sailors mostly use them on shockcord.
Hobie 16 Rigging DVDLearn how to assembly your Hobie via video. This straight forward video takes you from trailer to ready to sail. Learn the correct way to step your mast, along with improved rigging techniques.DVD
Hobie Getaway Rigging DVDLearn the proper methods to rig your Getaway.
Hobie Kit-Micro Wire Fairlead Part# H284
Hobie Micro Cleat Harken Part# H471
Hobie Sail Chafe Protector Set Part# H285
Hobie Wedge Kit-Micro Cam Part# H297
SCREW 8-32 X .188 18-8 SLTTR

Ronstan Pushin Bush Ss Lined 5/32In Id Part#
Ronstan Screw-On Bush Ss Line 7/16Inid Part#
Hobie Eyestrap-Micro Ss Part# H281
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin - 3/16 x 5/8 inch