Hobie H-16 Power Pak Hobie Part# 2091
Aussie Jib Halyard SystemReduces mast compression by 66%. Allows easier tacking, better mast rotation and consistent mast bend! Complete ki
Hobie Tiger Rudder Blade (Pre-2007) Part# F99502230
Hobie H17 Sport Boomlet Assembly Part# 52722011
Hobie Spinnaker Pole Wave Part# 38998000
Hobie Boom H16 Black Part# 20720011
Hobie Main Traveler Kit Club Wave Part# 39250000
Hobie Tiger Trax Wave Part# 1625
Hobie Mama Bob Universal Part# 30112
Hobie Furler Kit Miracle 20 Part# 48921001
Hobie Fwd X-Bar H-16 W/Step Part# 25131910
Hobie Parts Kit - Kayak Dealer Basic Part# 72020065
Hobie H18 Tramp Set Part# 60970058
Harken Block 75mm Carbo Triple With Swivel & Becket Part# HAR 2665
Harken Block 57mm Triple Lopro Carboratchet Part# HAR 2629
Hobie Lower Rudder Casting (All Except H14/16) Part# 50322001
Hobie H17 Tramp Set Part# 50670091
Hobie Rear X-Bar H14 w/o Castings Part# 10191910
West System Episize Glass Fabric - 4 ounce. 50 inch wide x 20 yard roll.Fabrics are ideal for building composite laminates and repairing fiberglass structures. May also be used to provide an abrasion-resistant covering for wooden structures. When wet-out,
O'pen Bic 4.5 Dacron Sail - The 4.5 m² dacron sail has been designed for clubs and lightweight sailors, and can be rigged on the same mast and boom as the 4.5 m² rig.
Hobie Rudder Blade Wild Cat Part# F18750920
Bravo Boom AssemblyImprove your upwind and downwind performance with this upgrade to your Bravo. Easily installed and removed, so you can use it when you want… or don't want.Oversized shipp
Hobie Block 2.25" Lo Pro Triple Hex Part# H194
Hobie Spinnaker Pole H16 Trumpet Part# F16062645