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Just like your car, your boat’s wheel brake needs periodic relining. This kit includes all you need to make your brake work like new again. 

Brake Pads -2
Cotter Pin 
Stainless Washer 
Nylon Bushing 
Harken Cam Cleat Carbo Part# 97653016144
Hobie Rack Pad (Pair) Part# 72045
Hobie Wing Mount Kit Short Bar Part# 65071001
Hobie Decal Sail H14 Part# 12440000
Hobie Silicon Rtv 100% (3oz) Part# 376
Hobie Keeper Pins 3/8 In Part# 20502
Hobie Thimble 5/32 Large Part# 20760000
Hobie Rudder Adjuster Kit Part# 60400011
Hobie Shackle 5/16In Pin (Mast Tang) Part# 20700001
Hobie Rudder Cam Sister Screw H14/16 (Pair) Part# 5201
Hobie See Bag 11 X 19 Part# 72230T
Harken Block 29mm In-Line Exit Block Part# HAR 089
Hobie Mast Step Wave Hw Part# 38171001
Hobie Mast Step Post Wave Part# 38170001
Hobie Mast Step Ball H17/Wave Part# 50212301
Hobie Tiller Arm Insert Part# 40660001
CLAMCLEAT JUNIOR # CL203 - Clamcleats are marine grade nylon cleats. Ideal for most applications where high loads or rope surges are not likely to be encountered. Corrosion resistant.
Hobie Rigging Knife Part# 1550