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FPV-Power 17.5 Lithium Waterproof Kayak Battery & 2A Battery Charger
(New Product Available 8/28/18)
The Lithium Battery refines the kayak battery beyond the heavy and cumbersome marine batteries of the past. Lightweight and water resistant, the Lithiu
Replacement AMA (pontoon) for the Tandem Adventure Island.
The Bioenno Power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Model BLF-1230AS is a state of the art 12V 30Ah battery. Ideal for hard use, this ABS version is well suited for not only stationary installations but also motors and vehicles covering e-bike to e
Hobie Tiger Trax W/ 8Ft Axle Part# 1626
Hobie Wave Jib Spdr & Hdwr Kit Part# 38999001
Hobie Rudder Blade EPO 3 Part# 20490030
Hobie H14 Tramp Set Part# 10970058
Hobie Wave EZ-Loc Rudder Assembly Part# 39312000
The Bioenno Power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Model BLF-1220AS is a state-of-the-art 12V 20Ah battery. Meeting and exceeding the power of a 12V 40Ah SLA at only 7 lbs. for our unit as opposed to 33 lbs. for an SLA, this AS variant offers reli
Smith Sport Optics Dolen Sunglasses Part# DLRPGNBK

Hobie H14 Jib

Hobie H14 Jib Part# 10992511
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Hobie 17 Tramp Set - Black Mesh.

Genuine Hobie heat welded trampolines are class legal for racing. Includes halyard pocket.

Lacing line sold separately
Hobie Getaway Jib Sail Part# 37992072
Smith Sport Optics Captain's Choice Sunglasses Part# CCRPPIGMB
Smith Sport Optics Audible Sunglasses Part# ABRPBRBR
Hobie Main Traveler Kit Club Wave Part# 39250000
Hobie H-14 Power Pak Hobie Part# 2090
Hobie Mast Stepper Part# 3152
Hobie Mast Stepper III Part# 3156
Hobie H-16 Power Pak Hobie Part# 2091
Hobie Wing Tramp Set Turq Mesh Part# 37971058
Hobie Lower Rudder Casting (All Except H14/16) Part# 50322001
Hobie Spi Pole Trumpet Wild Cat Part# F18770300