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Hobie Mast Float Kit Mama Bob Std Part# 30119
For those looking for added back support and comfort while on the trapeze. Great for spending lots of time on the wire. New spreader ratcheting feature allows easy adjustment of harness around hips as well as quick release feature to get out of harness qu
“Converts” easily from a half harness to full harness with the addition of shoulder straps (included). The all around harness for both racers and recreational sailors where comfort, support and mobility are key. For the recreational sailor the half harnes
Hobie Rectangular Hatch Assembly White Part# 71710001
Hobie Skippers Harness Part# 1388LG

Hobie Traveler Car Assembly Brass Part# 111
Hobie Wave Mast Float Kit - Mini Bob Part# 30115
Hobie Miracle 20 Tiller Connector Kit Part# 1953
Hobie Rolling Duffle BagA HUGE bag, large enough for all of your clothes, gear and then some. This heavy-duty nylon Cordura® bag has a parallel dual zipper top opening that allows plenty of sp
Hobie Luff Track Getaway Part# 37611151
Buccaneer Rope Nylon Anchor Line 1/2" 200ft Part# CRO NAL12200
Hobie Hiking Stick Kit (Ez Loc) Part# 39550001
Hobie Mast Head H-16 Comptip Part# 20614001
Hobie Tiller Extension H16 Part# 20550001
Harken Block 57mm Carbo Quatro Part# 97653119432
Hobie Block Swivel Ratchet With Cleat Part# 37900011
The harness for both racers and recreational sailors where comfort and mobility on the trampoline are most important. For the sailor who spends less time on the trapeze or prefers to “sit up” rather than lean out more. Unique leg strap design combining ne
Hobie Lwr Rudder Casting H14/16 Blk Part# 10412011
Standard replacement rudder blade for Hobie 14 / 16 / 17 / 18 , along with older Bravo, Getaway and Wave pre-EzLoc rudder systems.
Forespar Tiller Extension 27-48In Part#
Hobie Main Sheet Wild Cat Part# F18770401
Hobie H14 Sidebar Right Black Part# 10280011