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SuperNova Basic Kayak LED Kit

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Two 20-inch strips provide brilliant lighting at an affordable price. Perfect as a starter project or add to an existing SuperNova installation.


  • Fully Jacketed, Fully Encased, Silicone Encapsulated LED IP68 Waterproof Strips

  • The ONLY LED lighting strips that are fully submersible! Our Basic Kayak Kit includes 2 LED light strips for the front of your kayak

    Ensures plenty of visibility for you and all of the folks around you.

  • You'll see what's out there and be seen by others on the water.


  • 2 20" LED Strips
  • 2 Wire Management Pads
  • 2 Heat Shrink Large
  • 2 Heat Shrink Small
  • 6 Tie Wraps
  • 1 In-line Fuse Holder
  • 1 Fuse
  • 1 6' Wire
  • 1 Adhesion Promoter


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