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The Hobie H-Rail Bolt On Kit can be mounted on any kayak or boat… or in your bathroom for that matter! Available in 9” and 21” lengths. The H-Rail allows you to mount all Hobie H-Rail accessories without drilling holes in your kayak. Just mount them on yo
Hobie - H-Rail Bolt On Railt Kit - 9"

The Hobie H-Rail Bolt On Kit&nb
Chinook HEX Bolt Part# CS 99
Chinook Bolt 8mm x 35mm Hex Tool Part# 70
Johnson Outdoors Predator Shoulder Bolt Part# 01.1315.0708

*Works as a replacement for the bolt in the locking locking knob*
Malone Rack Systems 90mm Bolt Set (4 Pack) Part# MPG365 Pack of (4), 90mm M8 x 1.25 mounting bolts for all Malone watersport carriers.
Malone Rack Systems 70mm Bolt Set (4 Pack) Part# MPG363
Malone Rack Systems 60mm Bolt Set (4 Pack) Part# MPG362
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Neoprene Part# 955
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Part# 950
Murrays Marine Crossbar Bolt Chipbk Nacra Part# 562510
Flat Washer - Stainless Steel, 8mmUsed on most Chinook Mast Feet.Priced each.
This is the clip for the Chinook quick release mast base plate.
Socket Head Bolt - Stainless Steel, 8mm x 30mmThis is the bolt used in the 2-bolt Chinook Deck Plates (CS 61).
Chinook 2-bolt Base Plate - plate only. No tool or universal joint.Add a Chinook 2-bolt plate to each of your boards for quick change out.Does not include tool or universal.
Replacement nut for shear bolt for aka braces on Adventure Island and Tandem Island kayaks. Sold individually.

Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt - 1/4-20 x 7/8 inch.Priced each.Commonly used to fasten the vertex in the gooseneck assembly on fiberglass catamarans.
Hobie Bolt 1/4-20 x 3" Hex Head SS Part# 8040051
Hobie Bolt 1/4-20 x 2" Hex Head C/S SS Part# 8040022
Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt - 1/4-20 x 1-3/4 inch.Priced each.
Hobie Bolt 1/4-20 x 1-1/2" Part# 8040001
Aka Shear Bolt - Hobie Adventure Island/Tandem Island
Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt - 3/8-16 x 5 inch Priced each.Used on Hobie 20 Crossbars.