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Harken Bullseye Swivel Base With Carbo Cam Part# HAR 241
Harken Bullseye Swivel Base With Cam-Matic Part# HAR 240
Harken Little Swivel Base With Cam-Matic Part# HAR 205
Harken Cam Cleat Angle Wedge Part# HAR 145
Hobie Rudder Cam Pin (All Except H14/16) Part# 50312301
Hobie Rudder Cam Sister Screws Pair (All Except H14/16) Part# 5203
Hobie Rudder Cam Stop Plate Part# 20352000
Rudder Cam Kit - for Hobie 17, 18 and 20 (also fits Non-EzLoc Rudders on Brave, Wave, and Getaway)Replace the rudder cam and flared pin with this kit that includes a pair of cams and a pair of binding post screws.
Hobie Swivel Micro Cam Cleat W. Base Part# RF67NC
Schaefer Universal Adapter Swivel Cam Part#
Hobie Cam Spring-150 & 200 Part# HSB56
Hobie Tiger Cam Tension Screw Part# F99220006
CAM, HANDLEBAR LOCKRotating clip which locks the handlebar assembly in place. Does not include screw or decal.

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Hobie Cam Rudder Tiger Part# F14061180
Hobie Spring Micro Cam Cleat Ms-093 Part# H093
Hobie Cam Base With Swivel Bullseye Part# H241
Hobie Wedge Kit-Micro Cam Part# H297