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RUDDER CASTING BUSHINGSAre you plagued by sloppy rudders? Do your nyliners keep slipping out? Open up the holes in your rudder castings to 7/16" and install these insulating, self lubricating nylo
Hobie Wing Casting H18/21 Leg End Part# 68061001
Hobie Lwr Rudder Casting H14/16 Blk Part# 10412011
Hobie H17 Casting Stbd/Fwd-Port/Rear Part# 50121511
Hobie Pin Rudder Casting (Cam Pin) Part# 10470000
Hobie Rudder Casting Upper Right (All Except H14/16) Part# 50341001
Hobie Lower Rudder Casting (All Except H14/16) Part# 50322001
Hobie Mast Step Casting H14 Black Part# 10170011
Hobie Wing Casting Seat Supp Sx Left Part# 68071001
Hobie Wing Support Casting H21 Part# 35071001
Hobie Spring H16 Lwr Casting Part# 10432000
Hobie Right Rear Casting H18 Part# 60200011
Hobie Left Rear Casting H18 Part# 60210011
Hobie End Casting Rear X Bar H20 Part# 40201021
Hobie Corner Casting H16 Port Front Ns Part# 10152011
Hobie Wing Casting H17 Fwd Part# 50663001
Hobie Corner Casting H16 Starboard Front Ns Part# 10162011
Hobie Mast Hinge Casting H18 Black Part# 60650011
Hobie Rotation Casting H21Sc Part# 36171001
Hobie Wing End Casting H21/Sc Part# 35061001
Hobie Turbo Striker Casting Part# 11140011
Rudder Casting SpringThe spring used in rudder locking on most Hobie lower rudder castings.

NuCanoe - Pursuit - Casting Bar

Stand easily and fish confidently with the Pursuit Casting Bar. It works in the Freedom Track and f
NuCanoe - Frontier -  Casting BarStand easily and fish confidently with the All New 2015 Frontier Casting Bar. It works in the Freedom Track and folds forward when you don’t need it. The Casting