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Products tagged with Eclipse

CASSETTE PLUG - ECLIPSEReplacement drive slot plug for all Eclipse models.
MIRAGE DRIVE, ECLIPSEComplete Mirage drive unit for all Eclipse models.
CABLE ASSY, ECLIPSE DRIVEMain drive chain used for front or back sprocket of Eclipse Mirage drive unit, does not include locking nuts. Two re
Hobie Cover - Eclipse 10.5' Part# 72050002
BOARD COVER - ECLIPSE 12.0Protect your investment from the elements, insects and daily life with this perfectly fitting heavy duty padded travel bag. Has space to stow the handlebars, a strap to secure the Mirage Drive and slots
The Mirage Eclipse experience just got even better! Now you can take your essentials along with you by packing them away in this convenient Eclipse Accessory Bag. Eclipse Accessory Bag Features:

3 easy Velcro straps for attachment to the Eclipse hand
PEDAL ASSY (R) ECLIPSERight pedal for Eclipse Mirage drive unit.
CAM LOCK ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEAssembly to lock handlebar to the board. Includes screw and decal.
DRUM, ECLIPSE DRIVE w/DECALMirage drive drum for Eclipse Mirage drive unit. Two requirded per board, sold individually.
Update your original Hobie Eclipse with this new Bow handle kit. This is the same as new model stock handles, but can be installed on the original release boards
Hobie Cover - Eclipse Drive Part# 72050011
Hobie Universal Mount / Eclipse Part# 72020503

Protect your Hobie Eclipse Board with this Rail Protection Kit. THis helps protect your rails from scrapes and scratches keeping your investment beautiful and shiny! A must have upgrade for your board!

72050001 - Part Nu
BUNGEE ASSY ECLIPSE RUDDER WELLBungee assembly used to attach rudder to board

PEDAL PAD SET, ECLIPSE R/LAdhesive pads for right and left pedals on all Eclipse models
PEDAL ASSY (L) ECLIPSELeft pedal for Eclipse Mirage drive unit. Includes the pad and mounting hardware.

Hobie 303 fab

MAST ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEReplacement threaded mast screws into the sprocket. Locktite should be applied before installation. Two requirded per board, sold individually.
CRANK PAD ECLIPSEDampening pad which attaches to the board and cushions the crank assembly.

For questions and support call 1-800-536-

Arm which attaches to the mirage drive drum and sits beneath the pedals. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

For questions and support call 1-800-536-9463
HANDLE / REAR ECLIPSECarrying handle located at the rear of the board includes screws and washers.

For questions and support call 1-8
SPROCKET ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEFront or rear replacement sprocket for Eclipse Mirage drive. Two requirded per board, sold individually.


• Replacement steering wire assembly for your Hobie Eclipse
• Connects the steering calipers in the steering handle to the rudder controls
• Sold as a set of two lines, on
HANDLE, QUICK RELEASE ASSEMBLY ECIPSEQuick release lever, screw and nut for adjusting the handlebar unit's height.
RUDDER HOUS ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEThe rotating assembly mounted inside the board which allows the fin to rotate. Includes dome decal and rudder t