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Products tagged with Foot

Chinook's high-strength Spectra line used for downhauls on large windsurfing race sails that have high downhaul loads.
FSE Robline Dinghy Control Line - FSE Robline Dinghy Control Line is an all-around high-tech line used for any type of control line on dinghies, sportboats, or small keelboats. It is the most popular control line we sell. It works great on all types of di
Native Watercraft - Propel - Slider Seat Foot with CapFront Foot with Cap for the Propel SeatFeatures:

Foot & Cap
NuCanoe - Foot Pegs

Designed for the Frontier and Pursuit – the Foot Pegs install in the Freedom Track so you can place them in the optimum position for you. 
Thule Inc 450 Crossroad Foot - Single Part#
Thule Inc 400Xt Aero Foot Pack Part#
Left Foot Brace - for Hobie Quest.A replacement/repair item.
Hobie Tie Down Straps Hobie- 15 Foot Part# 72043001
Hobie Traveler Assembly Sail Foot Part# 52720011
Hobie Tie Down Straps Hobie- 12 Foot Part# 72042001
Easy-to-use foot providing 5" roof clearance on vehicles with rain gutters. Part# 300
Harmony Padded Foot Brace Pedals (Pair) Part# 8023041
Hobie One Wrap Velcro (Per Foot) Part# 7904
Hobie Track - Foot Brace - Quest Part# 78540001
Chinook's standard black/blue 4mm line used for windsurfing downhauls, outhauls and inhauls.

Line is priced per foot
7 strand USA made 550 paracord. The paracord is safety orange and features a highly reflective silver tracer for increased low light visibility. Great for use with kayak anchor trolleys, survival braclets, and much more.
Native Watercraft Slayer Foot Pads Part#
Sailing Supply Line Intrepid 1/2 Per Foot Part#
Chinook Mast Base Foot Ss Q.R. Bottom Part# CS 67
White 1/8 inch Shockcord

Shockcord is priced per foot
Native Watercraft - Footbrace Pad Easy Foot Non Skid

This self adhesive pad fits perfectly into the Tunnel Hull of the Mariner series to provide additional comfort and traction while standing. The pad is 14" x 6" and can easily be used in other boats o
Harmony SlideLock Foot Brace Kit Part# 8023040