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Products tagged with Mirage

Mirage Drive Idler Pulley Shaft - stainless steel. For both old and new drives.Held into the spine of the Mirage Drive with a set screw. This should never wear out, but could be lost if the set sc
Mirage Drive Pedal Adjustment Decal - priced each. Two required per drive.Standard on new drives, these decals help you make sure the pedals are adjusted correctly for different height pedalers. If you have an older drive without the decal, here's a chanc
Hobie 8'' Deep Mirage Gear Bucket Part# 71704021
Hobie Mirage ST Fins Part# 81193021
Mirage Drive Idler Cable - For new drives with the molded drum. 18.5"inches long

The Hobie Mirage Idler Cable V2 is the replacement i
The Hobie Mirage Drive Drum Upgrade Kit V1 to GT includes all the parts you need to upgrade your V1 drive into a GT drive. Replacement parts for the V1 Mirage Drive have been discontinued, if you need replacement parts, you must upgrade to a GT drive and
Mirage Drive Sprocket Shaft - for both newer and older drives.The sprocket shaft is held into the spine by a set screw located between the sprockets. Since it is stainless steel, it should be a low failure item. But it is possible to bend the shaft if the
Mirage Drive ST Turbo Mast - non-threaded for pre-V2 drives.A replacement mast for the ST Turbo fins only. It is too long for the other fins. These are very durable, but will eventually work harden and fail if bent back into alignment enough times. So if
The Hobie Mirage Rudder Up/Down Line Kit is the replacement kit for the rudder control line on Hobie Mirage Kayaks. This kit is for the up/down rudder control and not for the steering control. Kit includes everything you need to replace the control line o
Mirage Drive Standard Mast - Threaded for V2 drives.

A replacement mast for the Standard or ST fins only. It is too short for the ST Turbo fins.

These are very durable, but will eventually work harden and fail if bent back into alignment enough time
Hobie Rudder Keeper Pin Assembly Mirage Part# 81365001
Hobie Mirage Seat Pad Inflatable Part# 72020028
Hobie Mirage St Trbo Fin Kit V2Gr/Bk Part# 72066001
Hobie Set Screw Mirage Drive Part# 53170020
Outhaul Block - Mirage Drive - For the newer Mirage Drives with the nylon sprockets. Priced each. Two required per drive.The Outhaul block
Hobie Mirage V2 Turbo Spares Part# 80013301
MIRAGE DRIVE, ECLIPSEComplete Mirage drive unit for all Eclipse models.
Hobie Kayak Rudder - for old style drop down Mirage rudder system.
Mirage Drive Spine - molded for newer drives. (2013 and newer)

This injection molded spine is the heart of the Mirage Drive. Like most of the other parts, it is extremely durable and failures are rare fits any Mirage Drive from 2013 and later including
Compression SpringUsed in the steering controls for Hobie Mirage kayaks. If you're having to replace this spring, we recommend replacing the HC 8080691 Nylon Flat Washer also.Spring shown installed on Up/Down control arm. Arm and washer not included.
Hobie Kayak Rudder Pin - for old style drop down Mirage rudder, stainless steel.
Mirage Drive Pedal Adjustment Pin - priced each. Two required per drive.The pedal adjustment pin is stainless steel and should last forever.Shown installed on Adjustment Assembly (not included)