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Gill (NEW) Championship Full Finger Gloves Part# 7252BXS

Gill Pro Long Finger Gloves

$46.95 $28.17
Gill (NEW) Pro Long Finger Gloves Part# 7452BXXL
This is the replacement rudder pin for the 2011 and later Hobie Tandem Island series boats. These are designed to sheer to save more vital components if the rudder is subjected to excessive stress. Typically a spare rudder pin will come with the boat.
Yak-Attack NEW - Johnson Outdoor Mounting Plate Part# AAP-1026
Hobie Jib Car Stop H16 New Style Part# 25231051
Hobie Tramp Tension Slide New Style Part# 38760071
Hobie Crossbar Wave New Step >96 Part# 38131041
Hobie Wave Mast Base New Style Part# 38641001
Hobie Wave Lower Mast New Style T/F Part# 38583141
Hobie Wave New Style Mast Assembly Part# 38581041
Hobie Corner Casting H16 Port Aft New Part# 10212011
Hobie Corner Casting 16 Starboard Aft New Part# 10202011
Native Watercraft Native New Cup/Rod Holder Part# PROD005