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Products tagged with Scupper

Ocean Kayak Scupper Valves M 2 Pack Part#
Native Watercraft - Super Seal Plug

The innovative Super Seal Plug creates a high pressure seal to keep water from entering the scupper holes. It is multi-ribbed and has an easy-pull handle so it is simple to use or remove. The low profile design helps
NuCanoe Scupper Plug Set Part# 7075
This soft rubber scupper plug is designed to fit circular scuppers in your sit-on-top kayak. The conical shape and hollow design allow for the rubber construction to accommodate scupper holes ranging from 1.13” to 1.40” in diameter. The rigid center core
Hobie Scupper Plug Maui/Lanai Part# 72009001
Hobie Scupper Plug - Iseries Part# 79050214
Hobie Scupper Plug Hobie Part# 72012001
Harmony Scupper Hole Plugs (4 pack) Part# 8023779