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Products tagged with Slider

Native Watercraft - Propel Slayer - Slider Latch Slider Latch for Propels Drive Units.Features:

Slider Latch

Native Watercraft - Slide Kit with Pad-Eye Hook - 10/32 Set of 4

Slide Kit with Pad-Eye allows you to lash your load in.  


Purchased in sets of four 

Constructed with sturdy plastic 

Easily moves forward or backward

Mistral Mast Track Slider - BrassDon't toss that old long board just yet. This oversized slider that can be used on Mistral and other adjustable mast tracks that have dead mast track cars.8mm threads to
Native Watercraft - Im Slider Slug with 10-32 This unit has the Slider 10/32 Threads Features:

Slider Slug

Native Watercraft - Propel - Slider Seat Foot with CapFront Foot with Cap for the Propel SeatFeatures:

Foot & Cap
Chinook Slider, Brass T Nut (8Mm) Part# 90
Native Watercraft Seat Slider Kit Part#