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Products tagged with Torqeedo

Hobie Evolve V2 Torqeedo Motor Kit Part# 72022030
Torqeedo - Ultralight 403 Kayak and Light Boat Motor - Sold as a complete package, the system includes a throttle/gear shift, “kick up” mount, ultra-quiet, efficient motor and a GPS housed with the 29.6V, 11Ah lithium-manganese battery. With a data feed f
Hobie Shear Pin 2.5X20Mm Torqeedo Part# 72021145
Hobie EVOLVE Electric Drive Unit - Motor Only - Whether you’re augmenting your MirageDrive® or using the Hobie evolve as your primary power source, this quiet and efficient electric motor will dramatically expand your horizons. Maybe there’s a ripping tid
Hobie Coned-Disc Spring Torqeedo Part# 72021146
Torqeedo Cylinder Pin 3X27 - Replacement Torqeedo Slip pin for Evolve electirc drive system.
Hobie Lock Nut M6 Torqeedo Part# 72021147
Hobie Remote Throttle Torqeedo Part# 72021133
Travel 1003 Electric Outboard, Short Shaft - This motor sets a new standard for quiet, lightweight and ecologically-friendly propulsion. With a built-in ultra-efficient, lithium-manganese battery pack, Torqeedo Travel outboards deliver power and range. (R
Torqeedo Spacer joint UL - Replacement Spacer joint UL slip washer for Evolve electirc drive system.
Torqeedo Sacrifial Anode - Replacement Sacrifial Anode for Evolve electirc drive system.
Torqeedo Tiller Nut Xx1 - Replacement Tiller Nut Xx1 for Evolve electirc drive system.
Torqeedo Slip Clutch 401 & 801 - Torqeedo Slip Clutch plate, drive ring for propellor.Suits all models of 401 & 801
Torqeedo - Skeg for Ultralight Electrive Drive -
Torqeedo - Ultralight 403 Kayak and Light Boat Motor - Motor Only - Capable of powering a kayak or other light boat for up to 10 hours at 2 1/2mph, this motor works great for trolling or holding a position in windy conditions. It is also a great choice fo
Coned-Disc Spring C 20x0.5 -