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Yak-Attack FeelFree UniTrack Adapter (Pack Of 6)

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YA AAP-1012-6
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YakAttack - FeelFree UniTrack Adapter - 6 Pack

This adapter creates compatibility between accessories utilizing the orginal YakAttack MightyBolt as well as other 1/2 wide T-Bolts with the FeelFree Uni-Track and Uni-Bar.  Made from anodized aluminum, this adapter is suitable for harsh marine environments, and fits to create a secure and snug connection between accessories and the FeelFree Uni-Track. 



  • Military grade, Hard anodized aluminum
  • Creates compatibility of YacAttack, RAM, and Scotty T-Bolt on FeelFree UniTrack
  • Suitable for hars marine environments



  • Dims: 1" lg X 3/4" Wd X 1/8' Ht
  • Weight: ~1 oz
  • Construction: Hard anodized, military grade aluminum
  • Included: 6-Pack
    • Six Adapters
    • Six 0-Ring