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Yak-Attack Stealth Pulley (Pack Of 2) With Hardware

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 YakAttack - Stealth Pulley - 2 pack


The YakAttack Stealth Pulley is engineered to be the most quiet, low profile, shielded, and snag free pulley ever created for kayaks. Designed for use with anchor trolleys but great for many other applications. Teflon infused, wear resistant nylon rollers offer quiet, smooth operation and extreme durability for a lifetime of use. The shielded, snag-proof housing protects the rollers from docks, stumps, and other obstacles you may encounter on the water.


  • Stealth Pulley
    • Quiet
    • Low Profile
    • Shielded
    • Snag Free
  • Designed for Anchor Trolleys & Other Applications
  • Teflon Infused
  • Wear Resistant Nylon Rollers


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