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Yak-Attack Track Mount Retractor Includes MightyBolt And Knob

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YA RET-1002
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YakAttack - Track Mount Retractor - GearTrac & Track Ready - Includes Mightbolt and Knob

Secure your gear without bulky leashes or floats using the YakAttack Track Ready Mount Retractor. This super versatile unit combines the innovation you've come to expect from YakAttack and genuine T-Reign retracting mechanism, 36" Kevlar cord, and a removable 4" tether. Designed for Track mounting, this kit comes complete with Retractor, Mightybolt and Knob. 


  • GearTrac or Track Ready
  • T-Reign Retracting Mechanisum
  • 36" Kevlar cord
  • Removable 4" Tether
  • UV Resistant High Density Polyethylene
  • Made In the USA


  • Dim: 4.5"lg X 2.25"Wd X .5"Ht
  • Weight: ~6oz
  • Construction: UV Resistant High Density Polyethylene
  • Includes:
    • GearTrac & Track Ready Mount Retractor
    • 4" Tether
    • Mightybolt & Knob