Yak-Attack VISIpole II Light, Mast, Floating Base, MightyMount/GearTrac Ready Includes Flag

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YakAttack - VISIPole II - MightyMount  / GearTrac Ready W/Flag

The VISIPole II Light is on a 3/8" Firberglass mast with a floating base and MightyBolt on the bottom.  Manufactured from domestically manufactured 3'8" fiberglass tube.  Permanently attached to the light and the base.  With a height of 4'-6" tall, you will truly be visible from 360 degrees.  In situations were a 360 degree white light is not necessary or required, the flag can be slid over the light, creating a soft glow this is less likely to attract bugs or sppok fish, while maintaining some level of visibility to others around you.  This technique is not recommended for environments in which powered craft may be present.  Compatible with MightyMount and GearTrac.

Flag is Included



  • Enhances your visibility day or night.
  • SilentSlip foam fits most flush mount and tubular rod holders
  • 4'-6" long Tall
  • It floats. 
  • Orange Flag
  • Designed with domestically manf. 3/8" fiberglass tube.
  • LEDs burn 100 hors on 3 AA batteries (Included).
  • 10,000+ hours lamp life.


  • Dimensions: 4'6"Lg X 1"Wd X 2"Ht
  • Weight: ~ 2 lb.
  • Construction: Fiberglass 
  • Includes: Fiberglass Mast, T-Bolt, Light, Floating Base, Flag

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