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YakGear Cratewell Bait And Dry Storage

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Compatible with standard size (13x13x11) milk crates, the YakGear Cratewell is a great way to transform your crate into a livewell or use as dry storage. Add your favorite bubbler (not included) to make it a livewell for holding bait. You can also use it to keep your fishing gear dry while you focus on catching fish. Installation couldn’t be easier, just unpack from our YakGear packaging and fit into your crate. The top has a velcro flap for easy access while zipped up inside of your crate. Screw caps are included for any exposed threads on the inside of your crate that could rip your cratewell. Weighing less than a pound, it won’t add too much weight to your adventure.

Fits standard milk crate
Can be used for dry storage, or add a bubbler (not included) to make into a livewell
Open using the zipper or velcro lid
Easy installation
Screw caps included


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